How We Help You

Many business owners are turning to accounts receivable financing or factoring because it is a versatile and cost effective alternative to traditional bank financing. It provides businesses with enhanced operational flexibility and control.

Funding from Hedaya Capital is very accessible and can be received within a matter of days, while more traditional institutions may take weeks or even months to make a decision.  

We provide our customers with the financing they need to support their growth whether they are a new company in the early stages of development or an established business experiencing a new phase of expansion. Sometimes even mature companies need an alternative source of funding. The Hedaya Capital Group is here to provide financing in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner when others may not.

Banks and other traditional financing sources rely on credit scores, financial statements, cash flow and other records of success that some businesses are not able to demonstrate. As long as your business has viable commercial accounts receivables, we can provide the funding that will make your business grow.

The Benefits Are Yours

We act as your accounts-receivable department. This means that your collections can be done more professionally and at a lower cost than doing them in-house. At the same time, you increase cash flow and reduce your losses due to bad debts. Our financial services enhance the relationship you build with your customers.

As A Company Grows So Does Its Needs for Financing

At Hedaya Capital our goal is to help your company realize its full potential. Sales growth leads to an increase in accounts receivable, which we convert into cash so you can acquire the inventory, supplies, equipment and human resources that you need to build your business.

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