Referral Opportunities

Hedaya Capital respects the nature of the relationship between a trusted advisor and their client and therefore we strive to protect and enhance that relationship through; professional and courteous service, a fast and decisive response to all client inquiries and by keeping our referral sources fully informed on the client’s situation. We work with bankers, accountants, attorneys, consultants and other industry professionals to provide clients with the optimal financing solution to meet their needs.

“The Hedaya Capital Group has been very responsive to me when I have requested information for clients who seek alternative financing solutions who are not traditionally bankable. Alfred and Jack have been active in presenting at bank seminars to support our efforts in educating business owners about the ability to obtain capital through alternative financing methods. It is a pleasure working with both of them and I look forward to establishing a strong mutually beneficial relationship. “

Michael Fina
VP Business Banking

“Below are all the reasons that I continue to work with Hedaya Capital.: 1)In all my work with the Hedaya brothers they’ve been on the ball and have always returned my phone calls in a timely fashion.2)My clients are pleased with their services. 3) Their rates are reasonable.4) The Hedayas are honest and that’s important. 5) The Hedayas know what they’re doing and they are thorough. “

Dean Volpicelli
Financial Consultant

For referal opportunities, please contact us.

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