What our customers are saying

“We use Hedaya Capital for all our monetary needs because they are responsive, reliable and they offer ideas. Even when we ask for the impossible, they get the job done without any problems. Hedaya Capital is a true partner.”
– Charles Ash
Freight and Logistics Company

“I interviewed and rejected over a dozen firms. Hiring and dealing with the Hedaya Brothers is a most pleasant experience. All of our customers have said that unlike most factors they speak with, doing business with Hedaya has been agreeable. Hedaya sustains the relationships we strive to build with our customers.”
– Robert Patlin
Button and Trim Supplier

“My relationship with the Hedaya Group began in August 2005 when I started a new business. I needed a factor to improve my level of capital spending. They gave me the professional and personalized attention that I needed. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated and professional men.”
– David Antar

Importer – Ladies Hosiery

Highlights of Previous Transactions

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