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We are a specialty finance company that provides working capital to small and midsize businesses based on the quality of their accounts receivable. Our team is experienced in helping clients secure financing, with over 35 years of combined factoring experience, in addition to backgrounds in restructuring, business operations, production, and sales.


We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to help them realize their full potential. We offer a range of financial products to meet growing business’ financial needs, including full service factoring, credit protection on receivables, and management of accounts receivables. Once a completed due diligence package is submitted, we are able to review, approve and fund new clients within days.


Unlike banks and other traditional financial institutions, we fund on viable accounts receivable, and do not rely on credit scores or years of financial statements, as we understand that new businesses take time to develop. Our clients have access to the decision makers, and existing clients usually receive funding within 24 hours of submitting invoices.


Elina Balagula
General Counsel & Business Development

Elina counsels senior management on legal issues affecting the company...

Anita Lakhaney
Client Relationship Associate /
Credit Processing

Anita manages the day-to-day transactions on clients' accounts...

Syeda Ali
Customer Service Specialist /
Accounts Receivable Processing

Syeda responds to daily requests from clients, and processes assignments of accounts receivable...


Full Service Factoring

We advance funds against your accounts receivables, and also act as your accounts receivable department. We undertake all credit management and collections work for your accounts, so that you can focus on what you do best - producing and selling your products or services.

Credit Protection

With our factoring services, we offer credit protection on your receivables, so that you will still get paid for your products or services in the event your customers become bankrupt or insolvent. We offer credit protection to both borrowing and non-borrowing clients.

Working Capital

We help finance your day-to-day operations, as we work with you to offer financing options that best fit your needs - whether you need to meet your payroll, overhead, or expansion plans. We strive to offer flexibility and convenience to support our clients' growth.

A/R Management

We understand rapidly growing business needs, and we are happy to manage your receivables for you. We will monitor the creditworthiness of your customers and take care of your collections.

Letters of Credit

We can facilitate your purchases from domestic and overseas factories and suppliers by offering letters of credit to serve as a guarantee for payments upon the factories' or suppliers’ performance. These are invaluable in establishing new relationships, and for expansion of new business in existing relationships. Our goal is to help you grow.

P.O. Finance

Our established relationships with specialized purchase-order financing companies will help you find funding based on existing purchase orders, to facilitate production and purchase of raw materials.

Inventory Financing

We work with our clients to secure loans on existing inventory, in anticipation of new or pending orders, in order to bridge gaps in cash flow needs and ensure continued business operations.


  • “We use Hedaya Capital for all of our monetary needs because they are responsive, reliable and they offer ideas.  Even when we ask for the impossible, they get the job done without any problems.  Hedaya Capital is a true partner.”

    – Freight & Logistics Company

  • “I interviewed and rejected over a dozen firms.  Hiring and dealing with [Hedaya Capital] is a most pleasant experience.  All of our customers have said that unlike most factors they speak with, doing business Hedaya has been agreeable.  Hedaya sustains the relationships we strive to build with our customers.”

    – Button & Trim Supplier

  • “My relationship with [Hedaya Capital] began in August 2005 when I started a new business.  I needed a factor to improve my level of capital spending.  They gave me the professional and personalized attention that I needed.  It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and professional.”

    – Importer – Ladies Accessories